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      1. NEWS:

        Customer first, intentions, create a good corporate image!
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        Contact: Mr. Wang

        Phone: 13606437026

        Sales: 0533-7662849

        E-mail: lzaldhg@sina.com



        In constant progress, a thousand sails races of the new century, new era, with the intensification of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises have become increasingly demanding, enterprise products not only have a reliable quality assurance, but also by means of the most advanced management methods, advertising marketing company to integrate all resources, so that enterprises in an increasingly competitive market environment forever invincible.

           "Innovation, development, integrity and progress" in the after numerous tests, the face of severe challenges of the market crisis, our decision-making and quick response, decisive attack, in terms of quality and service the company's products continue to improve, further expansion of our scale, product sales increased steadily.

             Good market network from the "quality basic support to the brand recognition of the value and integrity as a fundamental objective"; at the same time, which is why we develop new markets and maintain the brand's purpose.


           Currently, we have a nationwide distribution network, we can provide quality and efficient service for domestic customers. Now, our sales network in major cities throughout the country, with several foreign companies to establish a long-term trade partnership. Beginning now, we are adhering to the "equality and win-win and common development" business principles, willing to work with domestic and foreign counterparts to join hands to contribute to the revitalization of China. 

           We will be in the existing basis, continue to the modernization of production and management methods, adapt quickly to update the world trend.

           Invites the community old and new friends came to discuss cooperation.

              We always go forward shoulder to shoulder with you, and common development!


        24 hours service hotline