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      1. NEWS:

        Customer first, intentions, create a good corporate image!
        Leader's speech Leader's speech

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        Contact: Mr. Wang

        Phone: 13606437026

        Sales: 0533-7662849

        E-mail: lzaldhg@sina.com



        Dear all levels of leadership, friends and the community:

                Hello everyone! Welcome to visit Shandong Alinda Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd. We hope that our website can become let you know our company's door, we will provide more, better, more attentive service the whole of society through the company website.

             My company since its establishment, all the way wind and rain, more than ten years of development is inseparable from all the leaders, customers and employees of the strong support and assistance, on the occasion of Website construction occasion, and I have to express my heartfelt thanks, thank you all the way to support the development of Alinda Chemical road, all the way to help, the way to follow ...... 

               Our company is committed to research and development and production of all kinds of plastics processing aids petrochemical industry, has been developed to produce various types of smooth agent, opening agent, light stabilizers, nucleating agents of polypropylene and polyethylene, polypropylene, with each composite additives, product quality and stability, excellent quality, has been praised by users. We hope that the new and old customers can continue to focus on our products, we will continue to develop, produce various kinds of new products, and strive to create for customers produce quality products, creating value for customers to realize benefits is our greatest success we will strive to achieve mutual benefit and achieve win-win! 

             I believe that friends of the care and support, all at Alinda joint efforts of employees, our company will continue to move forward, we will faithfully fulfill private enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility, building a harmonious society and make greater contribution. 

             "Open the door to greet million",Shandong Alinda Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd. sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign friends, customers throughout the visit, to discuss cooperation and seek common development! 

                    Heartfelt thanks again friends and the community leadership at all levels of the company tons of attention and support, I sincerely wish you all good health and smooth work!

                                                                                                                              General Manager:201702231114164397.png


        24 hours service hotline