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        Oleic acid amide Oleic acid amide

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        Oleic acid amide
        • Oleic acid amide

        Oleic acid amide

        2016-7-20 10:09:46

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        Oleamide alias octadecenoic acid amide of the formula: CH3 (CH2) 7CH = CH (CH2) 7CONH2, molecular formula C18H35NO. Sour oil amine appearance of white powder or white granular substance, melting point 72-75 ℃, flash point 210 ℃, relative density of about 0.9, non-toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether and other organic solvents, pyrolysis. Oleic acid amide has a special role in boundary lubrication, excellent external lubricating effect, and in particular has a very significant synergistic effect, anti-sticking, anti-static and strong dispersion, at high temperature and is miscible with the polyolefin with the other lubricants.

              Oleic acid amide used primarily as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC plastic slip agents, antistatic agents and mold release agents, it can be used as fabric conditioning agents, grease lubricants, anti-foaming additives, metal protection agents , oil drilling additives.


        Oleic acid amide technical indicators:


        Item Index

        Appearance white powder or granular

        Amide content mass fraction /% ≥ 98

        Acid value / (mgKOH / g) ≤ 0.5

        Iodine value (g I2 / 100g) 84-87

        Melting point / ℃ 72-75

        Chroma / Gardner ≤ 2

        Moisture content /% ≤ 0.1

        Pollutants / (a / 10g) ≤ 8

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