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        Nucleation forms hydrated magnesium silicate Nucleation forms hydrated magnesium silicate

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        Nucleating agent
        • Nucleating agent

        Nucleating agent

        2016-7-20 10:13:10

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        Nucleating agent is a white phosphorus flake crystals as a nucleating agent and polypropylene are widely used in the plastics industry. It is a good dispersion properties, and there is a certain degree of compatibility with the resin, adding a certain amount of hydrated magnesium silicate in the resin, not only no effect on the physical properties of the resin, and the resin molding process easier.

        Hydrous magnesium silicate as a nucleating agent widely used in the plastics industry, in order to improve the rigidity of the plastic. It is an inorganic nucleating agent most commonly used and the best kind of performance, it is mainly to improve the mechanical properties and is cheap. Can effectively improve the crystalline form of the polymer, thereby significantly increasing the tensile yield strength plastic, impact strength, hardness, flexural modulus, heat distortion temperature, crystallization temperature and other physical properties; also increase the surface gloss plastic shortening molding cycle, improve the processing performance, improve production efficiency. At low amount, it can improve the transparency of the polymer.

         Our company produces various grades of hydrous magnesium silicate nucleating agents stable product quality, excellent quality, to replace imported products are widely used in the Yanshan Petrochemical plant, praised by users.

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