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        Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B

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        Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B
        • Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B

        Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B

        2016-7-20 10:26:05

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        Composite PPA masterbatch ALD-278B is my company and the relevant institutions to develop a new high-performance composite masterbatch, mainly used in PE, PP, PVC and other resins industry. The additive blend of the fluorine-containing polymer binder and granulated from PE, one will be in the process of dynamic lubricating layer between the resin and the metal mold is formed, thereby reducing friction during extrusion resin, improve processing performance. Use of the product can effectively eliminate melt fracture, reduce sharkskin phenomenon, improve product surface gloss. It can reduce extrusion pressure, extrusion rate increase, increase productivity. It can effectively reduce the viscosity of the resin to eliminate die plot material phenomenon, and extended equipment life. Instructions for use: Add amount: 10 ‰. Storage and Packaging: The product should be stored in a dry environment. This product is packed in cartons, net weight 20 kg. In accordance with user requirements change packaging.

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