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        Lubricant ALD-27RH Lubricant ALD-27RH

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        Lubricant ALD-27RH
        • Lubricant ALD-27RH

        Lubricant ALD-27RH

        2016-7-20 10:26:50

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        ALD-27RH is a new efficient lubricants My company developed in cooperation with relevant institutions, the products are used with PE, PP and other industries, has good compatibility with the resin type, but also has an efficient lubrication, use after the product can reduce the polymer and filler in extrusion die accumulation, improve the dispersion and mobility, can effectively reduce the apparent viscosity of the product, improve product surface gloss, effectively reduce the particle pelletizing process smearing , can effectively improve product quality and yield, no precipitation problems after using the product, thereby facilitating the processing of subsequent products. Using the product for use of equipment has a good protective effect, can significantly reduce the pressure and torque equipment, screw extrusion, mold runner has some cleaning to maintain good operation of the equipment. The product is an environmentally friendly product, it does not produce a variety of toxic and harmful gases heated to high temperatures, the effective protection of the health of the production line staff. Instructions for use: directly with the resin, can also be added in the form of masterbatch. Add the amount of: 500-2000PPM. Storage and Packaging: The product should be stored in a dry environment. This product is packed in cartons, net weight 20 kg. In accordance with user requirements change packaging.

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